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Recent capitulation lows followed by a strong rebound has made the topic of how to trade Bitcoin hot again. With a new medium-term high established, investors have started to look at Bitcoin as a viable asset – especially in light of the current economic situations worldwide. While it remains a highly speculative asset, volatility is declining as the asset transition to a crypto-equivalent of gold continues. Strengthening gold price, increasing adoption of BTC via futures, as well as Grayscale’s mass 2020 purchases are fueling positive sentiments.

Since the Covid-19 virus has upended lives resulting in economic shutdown and job loss, many are seeking alternative income streams. How to trade bitcoin and how to trade so easy are two questions we get asked a lot recently. Another question asked is whether it is too late to make money from a Bitcoin investment. Those who understand Bitcoin price cycles know the potential for profit continues to exist, perhaps even more so now. 

Bitcoin Asset Trends

A look at the chart below shows both positive (Bull) and negative (Bear) cycles that follow an overall upward trend since Bitcoin’s creation. The visual aids marking tops and bottoms make it easier to see that each new price cycle is less aggressive when it comes to volatility and speed.

Trade Bitcoin

Source: Coin Metrics Reference Rates

Easy to Trade Bitcoin in Bull Market

While a bull market is generally a time of prosperity, good decision making is required to buy or trade bitcoin and thrive as a result. It is tempting to try to catch day trading volatility up or down, but without the skills or tools to be successful, many investors lose their money. Smart investors new to Bitcoin realize what looks easy can be challenging and opt to copy the trades of professional traders.

Trade So Easy by Copying Experts

When investor confidence and market sentiment is high, the sound approach to trade so easy is to put the decision-making process in the hands of experts. Professionals that trade Bitcoin using complex trading strategies have the expertise to maximize profits while minimizing losses. This option can take the stress out of the equation for new investors, while also providing a rich learning environment.

Watching what coin pairs experts trade is only one of the many benefits. This can narrow down the field to deliver insights quickly vs. performing hours of individual research.

Copy Experts to Trade Bitcoin So Easy

Minimize the learning curve and the stress of learning to trade Bitcoin by copying experts.

Trade Bitcoin Successfully in Bull or Bear Markets

Day trading requires some serious time and expertise to realize consistent profits, especially in a bear market. The volatility of the crypto market can be a grand opportunity for serious day traders when the market is moving to some extent. Trading small timeframes means a day trader can take advantage of those market movements whether the overall trend is up or down. There are certain approaches that must be taken based on markets that are up, down, or ranging. Short selling, ‘buying the dip”, and holding cash are examples of bear market approaches that can be highly profitable.

Those investors who choose to copy the trades of experts can learn by analyzing the positions taken and exited. This level of “on the job training” is far less stressful and can eventually lead to trading Bitcoin independently. Premium copy trade platforms never have access to investor funds and monthly subscriptions can be canceled any time.

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As optimism spreads to a majority of investors, a bull market develops and the trend turns up again. In a bull market, the most important thing is to determine the best possible entry point. New investors are notorious for buying at the worst possible time only to find themselves in the red shortly thereafter. Experienced traders deduce the right time to invest by following a number of technical indicators across long and short timeframes. They use Fibonacci tools, Bollinger bands, MACD indicators, Exponential Moving Averages, etc. – and if this is “Greek to you”, then consider copy trading.

Of course, it is equally important to copy the right traders. There are many so-called or self-professed expert traders or copy trade platforms in the crypto space.

Copy Trade Criteria

Here is a list of criteria for choosing a safe, secure, and successful copy trade platform:

  1. Does NOT require a deposit of your funds into the platform. This is important because who owns the private keys, owns the bitcoin. While you must deposit funds into your exchange account in order to trade, reputable exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase are least likely to disappear with your funds. Additionally, if you remain in control of your funds on an exchange, you can make withdrawals at any time without the need to “request” and wait for a platform to release your funds.
  2. Does NOT necessitate the need for expert traders to compete for copiers. There are loads of copy trade platforms that offer a selection of experts to copy. Most expert traders are paid based on how many copiers follow their trades. This causes some to take risks they might not otherwise take if there was no pressure to attract copiers in order to make a decent return for their expertise.
  3. Does NOT require investors to “trade traders” – in other words, make choices as to which trader to copy. When faced with such a choice, how is a new investor to know which traders are best? The wrong decision, based on performance statistics that may or may not be fully explained, can result in devastating losses. This practice also invites new investors to constantly switch traders and doing so rarely works to deliver consistent profits.
  4. Does NOT have an unrealistically low subscription fee. The old saying “you get what you pay for” has merit when selecting an expert trader to copy. Is it really logical to think that a successful professional would offer others to literally copy their every move for a pittance?

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There is no better way to trade Bitcoin so easy as copying an expert trader. Traders who are copied trade their own accounts and are unaware of how much you are trading, nor do they care. Their top priority is to make money for themselves – you simply get to copy their moves and benefit from their experience. For new or busy investors, copy trading offers an excellent opportunity to trade bitcoin with less risk and more potential for profit.