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Copy Expert Traders
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Trade So Easy

Finding the right platform to copy expert traders can be a challenge. Experts who trade so easy do exist but are outnumbered by the many amateurs and wannabes giving advice on social media. Here are some insights to help newcomers navigate the space, avoid common pitfalls, and successfully trade so easy as well!

Trading 24/7

Crypto trades 24/7 because the market is always open. This does not mean traders should actively trade all the time. Quality over quantity is the path to success.

No Roadmap

Unlike stocks, there are no quarterly earnings, sales reports, or evaluations to review when investing in crypto. It is up to you to do your own research.

Success Value

Change is inevitable, price unpredictable, and success gauged on $ amount difficult. Investing to build a diverse portfolio is an easier approach.

Easy Profits

Trading to “get rich quick” is foolish. Develop realistic expectations, have patience, and learn when to buy and sell your coins to be profitable.

Key Takeaway

Risk management is key. Proper portfolio balance and knowing how much to risk takes time, effort, and experience. Many go broke before learning this lesson.

Sound Judgment

Gradually investing small portions lead to greater success in mastering a strategy. Never risk what you cannot afford to lose, don’t let greed or fear drive buys or sells.

Trade So Easy
Best Practices

The distinction between buying crypto and trading is an important one. You buy bitcoin as an investment, you trade bitcoin to make a profit on price movements. Successful traders have to read market signals and understand how bitcoin prices move to develop trading strategies that work. Few investors possess the expertise or have the time needed to successfully and consistently trade cryptocurrency.

Trading results vary widely across the many different trading strategies, risk management practices, and the amounts of capital available for trading. Day trading and swing trading crypto are not like dabbling in investing with a few hundred dollars. If you start with $3,000 your earning potential is much less than someone who starts with $30,000.

To be successful, traders must have enough capital to make a profit, use the right software to track their positions, do research, and log their trades. Aspiring traders must also factor in exchange commissions and capital gains taxes to determine if their trading activities are profitable. Discipline, capital, training, and risk management skills are needed to be a successful trader.

TradeSoEz™ offers anyone an effortless automated way to copy trades executed by a team of professional traders with proven performance history. A platform designed for those who don’t know how to trade, but want to learn and be profitable doing so. Subscribe and trade so easy you forget you’re not a pro with Plug and Trade™ ease of use!


Copy Expert Traders

TradeSoEz™ is the only platform that offers Plug and Trade™ ease of use.

Plug and Trade

Plug and Trade™ means you enter your API Keys, set account use allocation, and copy trades executed by professionals. No research, analysis, signals to follow or further action on your part is required.


Subscribe and pay one monthly fee to copy, watch and learn from experts while earning profits. There are no hidden fees, transaction fees, profit sharing, or commissions. You keep 100% of gains realized from copying trades executed by a professional team of traders. 


TradeSoEz™ never has access to your funds because deposits are made to your own Binance account. Secure connection via API allows your account to copy executed trades. You maintain 100% control of your assets.


Our expert Trade Team manages and trades their own individual accounts – your account merely copies every trade. Traders have no knowledge of your account balance, earn no commissions from your trade gains, and do not compete for followers.


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